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Weekend-Wrap Up – soundbites that caught my eye

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Breast is best for baby microbiota, study finds
Consumption of maternal breast milk promotes the development of a different – and more beneficial– set of gut bacteria than infant formulas, according to new research…

Psoriasis Increases Risk Of Diabetes
Patients with psoriasis are at high risk of new-onset diabetes mellitus, according to research presented at ESC Congress 2012. The findings were presented at the press conference by Dr Ole Ahlehoff from Copenhagen University Hospital, Gentofte, Denmark and at the scientific session by Usman KHALID.

Vitamin E shows cognitive function benefits: Study
Increased blood levels of all forms of vitamin E may reduce the risk of mild cognitive impairment in older adults, says a new study from Europe…

Links Between Nutrients, Genes And Cancer Spread
More than 40 plant-based compounds can turn on genes that slow the spread of cancer, according to a first-of-its-kind study by a Washington State University researcher.Gary Meadows, WSU professor and associate dean for graduate education and scholarship in the College of Pharmacy, says he is encouraged by his findings because the spread of cancer is most often what makes the disease fatal…

Omega-3s possess antioxidant potential, says gene expression study
Omega-3 fatty acids may offer antioxidant potential by modifying gene expression linked to antioxidant enzymes, says a new study from Germany…

Type 2 Diabetes Linked To Breast Cancer Risk
Having type 2 diabetes appears to give post-menopausal women a 27% higher risk of developing breast cancer, according to a new study published in the British Journal of Cancer this week. While the link may be indirectly associated with being overweight, a known risk factor for both diseases, the researchers don’t rule out that type 2 diabetes may affect breast cancer risk directly.

Olive oil may boost blood vessel function: Study
Supplementing the diet with olive oil may improve the function of cells lining blood vessels in people with atherosclerosis, says a new study from the US and Italy…

Alpha-keto acids may boost training tolerance for athletes
Supplements of alpha-keto acids, analogs of amino acids, may improve exercise tolerance and enhance the stress-recovery state, says a new study…

Vitamin B3 May Help Kill Superbugs
Nicotinamide, commonly known as vitamin B3, may help the innate immune system kill antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria, the so-called “superbugs”. In lab work done with mice and human blood, researchers found high doses of the vitamin increased the ability of immune cells to kill the bacteria by 1,000 times.



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